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UPnP SSDP node module implements the SSDP device discovery as specified in

The rough idea is for the server to listen for 'M-SEARCH' multicast messages on (port 1900). The server responds to the client with it's location (typically an IP address and a port).


npm install upnp-ssdp


Announce your server using announce().

var Ssdp = require('upnp-ssdp');
var server = Ssdp();

Clients can now discover the server using search().

var Ssdp = require('upnp-ssdp');
var client = Ssdp();
client.on('up', function (address) {
    console.log('server found', address);
client.on('down', function (address) {
    console.log('server ' + address + ' not responding anymore');
client.on('error', function (err) {
    console.log('error initiating SSDP search', err);


  • Methods
    • announce(service)
    • search(service)
  • Events
    • up(address)
    • down(address)
    • error(err)