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Cloudron is the best way to run apps on your server.

Web applications like email, contacts, blog, chat are the backbone of the modern internet. Yet, we live in a world where hosting these essential applications is a complex task.

We are building the ultimate platform for self-hosting web apps. The Cloudron allows anyone to effortlessly host web applications on their server on their own terms.


  • Single click install for apps. Check out the App Store.

  • Per-app encrypted backups and restores.

  • App updates delivered via the App Store.

  • Secure - Cloudron manages the firewall. All apps are secured with HTTPS. Certificates are installed and renewed automatically.

  • Centralized User & Group management. Control who can access which app.

  • Single Sign On. Use same credentials across all apps.

  • Automatic updates for the Cloudron platform.

  • Trivially migrate to another server keeping your apps and data (for example, switch your infrastructure provider or move to a bigger server).

  • Comprehensive REST API.

  • CLI to configure apps.

  • Alerts, audit logs, graphs, dns management ... and much more


Try our demo at (username: cloudron password: cloudron).


You can install the Cloudron platform on your own server or get a managed server from In either case, the Cloudron platform will keep your server and apps up-to-date and secure.

Note: This repo is a small part of what gets installed on your server - there is the dashboard, database addons, graph container, base image etc. Cloudron also relies on external services such as the App Store for apps to be installed. As such, don't clone this repo and npm install and expect something to work.


Related repos

The base image repo is the parent image of all the containers in the Cloudron.