Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Girish Ramakrishnan c0716e86a7 Remove the "or Email" 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 50185adcf4 Add 2.1.1 changes 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 0c728c6af5 Fix mail rest api tests 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 34d3d79b12 Improve error message when alias name is already taken 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner ff856a5978 Rename 'address' catchall property to 'addresses' to better indiciate this being an array 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner c4dad2f55f Fix address property error response in catchall 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 734286ba2e Add support for installing private docker images 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 0f7f8af4b2 Use docker 18.03.0-ce 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 60381d938e Fix search and replace mistake 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner ddaa52163b Update ssl ciphers according to mozillas recommendation 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 799c1ba05d Improve on the csp header restriction 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 838838b90d nginx would drop other headers if add_header is defined in the location section 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 4554d9f2f8 Add more changes 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 573d0e993e Add CSP header for dashboard 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 97313fe1c8 Remove other unused assets from the release tarball 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 944f743438 Use the node modules defined in the dashboard repo 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 96a5b0e6ba Remove dashboard related node modules 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 95f7e50065 bump mail container 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan d6a8837716 mail: verify with the owner id 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner cc759e3550 set the mailbox record type for apps 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan bf0dd935e5 mail: add type field 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 1d761deec0 Fix test 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan b6335a327c Rename TYPE_* to OWNER_TYPE_* 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 55d53ef311 Do not succeed if mailbox name is already taken 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 878940edae Fix sql syntax 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 15648a3ab2 fix typo name -> username 1 year ago
  Johannes Zellner 2fae98dd5b pass the dashboard version as a revision to the gulp file 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 9beeb33090 mail: validate list and mailbox names 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 605dc00422 mail: add members field for lists 1 year ago
  Girish Ramakrishnan 2c8fa01d6d mail: split the functions to add list and mailbox 1 year ago